From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This can be either one of the native CUPS filters or foomatic-rip. Now you see the configuration file. See also the foomatic page. If so, your driver is available on your system, if not, you can either download the driver from the driver’s home page you find the line on the driver’s database entry page and compile GhostScript with it. Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references. The only problem is that the multi-function devices of most brands do not work under free software, or, if you are lucky, they only print.

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Overview page for HP’s printers, sorted by the support quality. This article needs additional citations for verification.

By using our ofomatic, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Click the “download PPD” link. Then you can use all standard scanning tools as for example the graphical environment ” xsane “. The foomatic-rip filter does not use the “cups” ghostscript device.

You find the device also in the backend device menus of the graphical CUPS interfaces, as shown with the web interface in Fig. This script is a clever hack to allow the use of ‘traditional’ ghostscript devices with CUPS.

foomatic-rip(1) – Linux man page

As you can see, there are many drivers to choose from for my printer: Note that this file is not the driver, it is only a description about how the foomatoc is used, foomattic by your spooler. This leaves us with three choices: A not so nice options listing one gets also with. Before you choose a driver, you must find out whether it is installed on your system.


To do this you must have Perl and libxml2 installed on your system.

The font paths of your current GhostScript you find in the end of the output of ” gs -h “, in the “Search path” section. The development for fax support will be started soon.

The database is implemented in XML and there are Perl scripts which automatically create configuration files and even complete printer queues for all known free spoolers: The extension must be. Do not close the terminal window, you will need the list. Otherwise, the most generic way to act is:.

This means that you need to have the “cdj” device compiled into ghostscript if you want to use the cdj PPD. We will install an additional printer on our CUPS server. Network devices are not auto-detected.

Some background information about foomatic-rip, its use of traditional ghostscript devices, and how these differ from the special “cups” ghostscript device, can be found on this page. We also show how to set up an HP OfficeJet printer for printing, scanning, and photo card access.

I then installed the PPD for the “pcl3” driver, and that was much better, so I removed the printer that used the “cdj” driver and kept the “pcl3” printer. When asked for login and password one logs in as “root” and gets the printer options screen as in Fig.


Make sure that the file is world-readable:. The easier way are graphical tools.

Make sure that it cupw access to the GhostScript fonts, either by installing also the appropriate “ghostscript-fonts” package or by making it using the same font paths as your distribution’s GhostScript. It can be used in tandem with either the oldish “hpijs” ghostscript device or the new “ijs” ghostscript device.

(II.) Foomatic from the User’s Point of View: Installing a Printer

This means you do foomattic need to recompile ghostscript every time a new printer model comes out; you just update the external filter program. You have to supply their host names or IPs when you get asked for them in the end of the configuration procedure.

In this case simply install these packages with the package installation tools of your distribution. However, very few driver distributions provide native CUPS filters, and flomatic foomatic-rip trick comes in handy in many cases. What we will demonstrate: