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OptiPlex GX720 Audio Driver

Your notebook uses a HD audio codec chip, so installing an AC97 driver is completely pointless. So I started to try everything out, and I thought tha tv got some problems till I realised my audio on notebook has some devicees that i cant install.

Maybe tha drivers are opimized for vista? But now I dont know whats missing as I installed all of tha drivers there.: You must have done something wrong or loaded the drivers in the wrong order. P THX for help agan guys, its working fine now: As for the webcam, turn in on, you probably haven’t yet.

I got this notebook for a few days now and Im very pleased with it, exept little problems. Screen is working fine, but no audio.

Downloaded all drivers from MSI and I got these: I reinstalled tha audio ausio, deleted all these devices before doing that and my sounds are great, exept these are coming back and they cant be upgraded or installed, and I cant move sound to tha tv. Or know how to fix these Devices to work? Neither do we As it only confuses people.


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So actually tha problem was tha missing of this driver, which is in tha VGA install driver, what I installed right after Windows, so I dont know why it wasnt on my laptop, but I will never understand these things: Every of my installs went properly with no problems and error messages, so i dont understand why can this be.

Once they work, next time they die. Sorry this goes to my latest post, thats my system now!

Please login or register. I only have 1 option. Now, I un- and reinstalled tha same VGA driver and it seems everything is fine, I dont have more unknown devices. Pbut tomorrow I hope it’ll work.

MSI GX720 laptop sound card drivers

You need to set the audio-output to HDMI as well, see picture below. I will never understand tha system of programs and hardware functions. I’m no Intel expert, but with e. That sounds very good: Sorry, but apart from ‘high definition audio’, I cannot understand what other devices you have missing from your screenshot.


I cant make work my webcam either, but thats a little problem.

S Could U tell me pls what am I missing? But when Ahdio wanted to try to turn my audio to AC 97′ than I also realised that I dont have such a thing: Anyone know this connection better than me? System runs on Win Xp sp3.

OptiPlex GX Audio Driver – i-Tech 96

And still my peoblem with this audio device occured. Well I didnt install all of them, cus I dont really need tha modem, or Audko, but now I installed all of them, what on that page, and every unknown or not working thing disappeared from tha list exept one THX for all tha helps! S Than I tried to install AC97 but it didnt appeared after tha install.